Our Story

Our History

Whilst technology has changed a huge amount in the last ten years, the reason that F&C is here today has not.  We first started up because video was an emotive form of communication.  We found that with our videos, we could make people laugh, cry, reflect, learn, change opinion … The list goes on.  Those things have not been lost as video has taken over the internet.  In fact, quite the opposite has happened.  You can now do those things on a mass scale.

We grew quickly as a business throughout the 2010’s, taking up residence in various offices as we grew as a team and delivered more and more work for more and more clients.  We knew we were doing something great.  We were helping many marketers within the UK drive incredible results through video.  But, to truly deliver on our dream, something needed to change.

In 2018, we broke free and developed our offering tremendously.  Seeing the constant outcry from marketers, who just didn’t know how to drive the best results from video, we went for it.  Opening up F&C Strategy helped us to deliver incredible insight to our clients and drive even better results on the content that we create.

We are now rolling out our vision to various cities across the globe – forming a joint-up and all encompassing offering to marketers around the world.

Our Belief

We believe that video is powerful.  No, we know that video is powerful.  It’s the most talked-about and exciting form of communication in the online world, but there is so much confusion and misinformation surrounding the topic.

Our belief is that every marketer in this world that is serious about the results that they achieve should have a resource and someone to lean on.  And that is us.

We are here to help marketers understand video.  We are here to help drive incredible results – in partnership with you.  We are here to create standout moments through the strategic use of online video content.

We believe video is powerful.

Our Challenge To You

We work with marketers around the globe.  Each and every one has an opportunity to create something incredible, to make a name for themselves, to stand out.

Our challenge is encapsulated in our video “A Message To The Marketers”, where we challenge you to standout.

Give it a watch and get in contact.  We want to work with you to help you standout.

Our People

Strategy & Insight


Video Strategist & International

Driven by the belief that video can, when used in the right way, drive incredible results within organisations of all sizes, Tim has set about building a world-wide operation that provides our clients with the highest quality content at affordable prices. Tim is a video strategist at heart, with a tenacious and entrepreneurial appetite for making things happen. This rubs off on every project that comes through the F&C doors!



An integral part of our Insights Team, Liza is continually researching and deciphering the latest trends and tactics from the world of video content. Liza then works with our Strategy Team and Content Team to brief them on her findings, which allows us to shape strategies and provide the most powerful insight to our clients! Liza's work is also the backbone of the daily content that our content team create.


Content Writer

The writing brains behind most of our written content, Richard works with our researcher and publishing manager closely to deliver the very best insight to your inbox, or our website, on a daily basis. Richard also works with our clients as and when required on scripts and even their own written content.


Publishing Manager

With so much content being created and distributed over our various social networks, Suri is the man that brings it all together, makes it all look nice and allows you to absorb the info ready for your next video campaign. Suri is also the man behind our daily social videos. A talented multi-tasker!


Strategy Success Manager

Based in Canada, Kurt will be the man that you speak to when it comes to implementing your video content strategy and getting you set up on our Video Content Management System.


Video Strategist

Another Canadian-based video specialist, Chris will work with you to implement the strategy within our Video Content Management System.


Sales Executive

With extensive experience within the digital world, Duncan is one of our sales executives, who works with our clients at the very first stage of any project. Duncan will consult with you to see whether our services can help you achieve remarkable results and, if so, will put you in contact with our video strategists.


Sales Executive

Having worked with us for nearly 8 years now, James is supremely talented and experienced and has been the first point of contact for many of our greatest projects. James will consult with you to see whether our services can help you achieve remarkable results and, if so, will put you in contact with our video strategists.



Creative Director

The brains behind our most creative and powerful work, Ben’s story epitomises our beliefs at F&C and he is proof that hard work, coupled with creativity (and a generous sprinkling of talent) will take you far in life.

Ben started as an intern, then a motion graphics designer, then Lead Creative and is now Creative Director. He created our hero pieces ‘A Message To The Marketers’, ‘Moments’ and ‘Pay Attention’, as well as being the creative practitioner behind projects for the International Olympic Committee, British Athletics, British Heart Foundation and The Ministry of Defence to name a few.

Ben once worked behind the scenes on creative development - formulating the ideas for our creative team to present for client approval, but it was clear that it was his creative spark that helped our content standout. He now works directly with our clients to drive the very best creative into each and every project.


Storyboard Artist

With a talent for bringing the most complex of stories to life, our resident storyboard artist, Leo, works with our creative team to bring our concepts to life through black-and-white, or colour storyboards. Leo will also provide assets to allow us to create visual animatics to give a stronger feel for the end result. You'll see an example of his work on this page, as he created our staff caricatures!



An intensely creative designer, Kevin is our creator behind all of our non-moving collateral. The creative brains behind our white papers, guides and e-books, Kevin makes all of our insights look beautiful and make sense!

Project Management / Producing


Executive Producer

Simon joined F&C after 18 years working as a Broadcast & Digital Producer for Sky, Talksport and The Money Channel. In that time he has produced Sky Sports News’ award-winning coverage of major events including Champions League Finals, the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Formula One Grand Prix and England’s Cricket Test Series both at home and abroad. His achievements include working as the Executive Producer creating video and digital content for the Premier League’s annual launch, as well as the lead Producer on the Hillsborough Inquests in 2016.

Working in locations all over the world as a Field Producer means Simon has an exceptional understanding of what is required from any given production. From planning through to publishing, Simon works with our production team and creative department to make sure we tell your story to the very highest standards.

Simon’s most recent role was as Sky’s Multi-Platform producer leading a team of 10 video and digital producers creating content for www.skysports.com and Sky’s mobile apps, as well as Sky News. He also excels in social media content delivery having helped grow accounts with over 5 million followers for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



A creative and resourceful professional, with a wealth of producing-experience across long and short form video, online and broadcast for brands such as Vodafone, PZ Cusson and Sony PlayStation to name a few. Andrew’s positive attitude ensures that every single project runs smoothly.

Andrew has strong creative and editorial flair which has enabled him to produce a great deal of successful online content and build long term client relationships with both agencies and brands. He has full understanding of the client journey from pitch all the way to product delivery and is also versed in building new business and working across a variety of budgets.



Content Creator (Camera & Edit)

A supremely talented camera operator and editor, we have worked closely with Sam over the past 6 years and he comes into contact with almost every project that leaves our doors. Diligent and the epitome of a perfectionist, Sam has been the lead camera operator on many of our largest productions and, in turn, has been at the centre of many of our greatest results.


Content Creator (Camera & Edit)

A camera operator, editor and director rolled into one, Jeremy has been with us for a couple of years working on various projects that require that extra bit of creativity on set. A cool, calm and collected individual, Jeremy’s work continues to stand out.


Content Creator (Camera & Edit)

Andrew is a recent addition to the team, but his work is already standing out and he's added creative flair behind the lens on some high-profile pieces of work. Over 15 years of experience means Andrew is a cool head on shoot!


Content Creator (Animation)

Spencer is a new addition to the team, but is already delivering animations that are driving real results. Predominantly a 2D motion graphics designer, Spencer works in After Effects and brings content to life!


Caption Creator

With subtitles and captions playing a major role in the success of any video project, we decided to build out our capabilities. Rachel has been delivering subtitles and captions for many years and works with our production team to deliver perfectly timed caption files, as well as burnt-in captions when a project requires it.


Content Creator (Edit & Motion Graphics)

Dani is one of our full-time content creators and specialises in editing and motion graphics. A new addition to the team, but one we are hugely excited by and are expecting great things! Watch this space!

Admin & Directors


Group Director

Renowned international businessman, David came on board in 2018 to help drive the company forward into many different territories across the world. His experience and guidance has been critical in the transition of our way of working and his experience will be integral to the future growth of the organisation.


Head of Finance

Dipa oversees the financial operations across all cities within our portfolio and provides the guidance to growth.


Admin Support

Organised, creative and a joy to be around, Zoe provides admin support across the organisation, with a douse of Chief Happiness Officer in there, too! She’s constantly thinking of ways to make people smile and help them in their day-to-day mission of making the most powerful video content possible!

International CEO's


Cape Town

Our Cape Town office is headed-up by Sheldon, who’s been managing successful businesses in the Western Cape for almost 15 years now. With an entrepreneurial spirit and typical South-African grit, Sheldon is driving our Cape Town team forward quickly.