The Challenge

Social media monitoring company, Brandwatch, were launching their new software called Signals. Together with Alerts, Signals help make sense of analytical data, and informs users when content takes off. When you’re off the clock, you can rely on the software to provide relevant updates. Brandwatch wanted a video to promote their new software, and F&C were asked to create content that reflected the brand image – so we knew it had to be stand-out content that would linger in the memory of viewers.

The Solution

Brandwatch is a modern company with sophisticated software that enables brands to listen into conversations on social media and react immediately. Furthermore, the company does not create software that simply ‘does a job’. They program advanced software tools and we knew they needed a video that would stand out. Our creative team worked with the team at Brandwatch to develop a high-tempo video that tied into the theme of the product. We shot the footage in a studio over a couple of days and developed an engaging video.

Promo Video


The video was primarily placed at the centre of Brandwatch’s launch campaign – both on their website and via their social channels.

Parting Shot

This video was the start of what has become an excellent working relationship with Brandwatch. We have produced many videos together over the past few years.

“The video performed incredibly well and enabled Brandwatch to convert leads from both the website and social channels.”