The Challenge

The sea on the south coast of England is nippy to say the least, but that doesn’t stop visitors to Brighton & Hove from venturing into the water. Brighton & Hove City Council needed a powerful series of videos putting together to inform the public about the potential dangers of the sea. The audiences they wanted to focus on in particularly were families, young adults and teens, all of which have been victims of the sea.

The Solution

We worked with the council’s Water Safety Team to develop stories that typified scenes the target audience would be familiar with. Each video was shot with a light-hearted opening that tracked the characters through their day. Then we demonstrated how quickly things can change from good to bad around the sea. The videos needed to be hard-hitting so we gave them an intensity that would really capture the horror and drive home the message.

A Day To Remember


Don't Drink And Drown


The videos were primarily channeled across social media streams, and were also played at Brighton’s beachfront cinema event, ‘Brighton Big Screen’, in order to capture the widest audience possible.

Parting Shot

The client was very impressed by the quality of the three videos we put together and over the moon by the response the campaign received. We have since been invited to work with Brighton & Hove City Council on many other projects.

“The videos generated an incredible response from viewers and received a remarkable amount of shares.”

Brighton and Hove City CouncilSea Safety Campaign