The Challenge

Following the success of the ‘Baking Bad’ video campaign the previous March, BHF wanted to capitalise on the public’s willingness to help raise money for life-saving heart research by going on a chocolate detox for a month. This year, our challenge was to create a similar type video strategy together with shorter snippets of content that would be used to help motivate and support DeChox participants.

The Solution

Because we wanted to enrol dechoxers from the previous year, we decided to keep with the police parody scenario so recorded a spin-off from the ‘Baking Bad’ campaign we had created the previous year. This time, we featured three chocolate miscreants behind bars – prison bars, not chocolate bars – and we called it “Chocolate Orange Is The New Black”, obviously!

Promo Video

Last Chance

Halfway There

Ah-Thank You!


Social media platforms were again the principle channel to distribute the videos. The hero video was a success in helping to persuade participants from the previous year, and recruit even more dechoxers for the 2016 campaign. Three stewardship videos were created and distributed to fundraisers by email throughout the month of March as a motivational tool and to keep engagement at an optimum.

Parting Shot

Another highly successful campaign ended with a 50% increase in funds raised for life-saving heart research. A record number of people took part in giving up chocolate for the entire month and awareness of heart disease was in the public consciousness again. We wrapped up the project with a thank you video to everybody that took part from the Chief of our parody police. The BHF were absolutely delighted with the results.

“Another successful campaign saw a 50% uptick of new participants and funds for the 2016 DeChox campaign.”

British Heart Foundation#DECHOX