The Challenge

British Heart Foundation were back – this time to launch their new campaign #mymarathon.  MyMarathon is designed to encourage anyone to run a marathon during the course of a month, whilst raising funds and awareness for this incredible charity.  Our task was to create a video that would deliver the message, create a buzz and compel people to sign up for the fundraising event – a marathon with a twist.

The Solution

We needed to create a video that would empower and enthuse all kinds of athletes.  How do you get people from all walks of life to sign up and lace up for a marathon?  Our answer to this dilemma was to combine inspirational visuals with a motivational and poetic script that provided energy, excitement and encouragement.  We then guided viewers through to that all-important sign-up, and a list of training suggestions they could adopt ahead of the big day.

Promo Video


The video was hosted on the BHF YouTube channel and promoted across social media networks together with members that were signed up to BHF’s email list.  BHF had also created a website for the MyMarathon campaign, which also featured the video.

Parting Shot

The MyMarathon campaign was a groundbreaking event for The BHF and our video helped to recruit people that do not usually jump out of bed and into matching trainers and spandex at the crack of dawn.

“MyMarathon is the most successful campaign The BHF has delivered to date.”

British Heart Foundation#MyMarathon