The Challenge

One of our ongoing partners, Equiniti, wanted to create a series of videos to promote their brand and services, but most of all, they wanted their incredibly talented people to be at the forefront of their communications. We were instructed to film employees of the company as they highlighted various parts of Equiniti’s business model and explained the benefits of their services to prospective clients.

The Solution

Equinti had already decided what the video content would be. All we had to do was hire a suitable location and shoot footage of Equiniti’s talent. We crafted interviews in order to prompt the most relevant information, and sat with each team member for an hour to eek out their stories. We also set up an autocue to help them along when needed.

Staff Stories 1

Staff Stories 2

Staff Stories 3

Staff Stories 4

Staff Stories 5

Staff Stories 6

Staff Stories 7


The videos helped populate the Equiniti YouTube page, and were also used on the Equiniti website and pushed through their various social channels.

Parting Shot

The videos were cut up into tens of beautifully crafted videos that were an ideal length for audiences on social media.

“The videos performed well across all online channels, but the most success came through LinkedIn.”

EquinitiStaff Stories