The Challenge

Freebets were embarking on an ambitious marketing campaign and needed to create a viral video that would drive the masses to their betting site. F&C were asked to team up with 438 Marketing and the team at Freebets to “stick one in the back of the net!” Well, we’ve always been sharp-shooters!

The Solution

For video content to go viral, there has to be a sparkle that compels people to share. We found the sparkle in the diminutive Gordon Hill – The Wealdstone Raider – who became an overnight internet sensation when a meme did the rounds of him heckling opposition spectators. The video features Gordon taking football lessons – but does he really need them. The real kicker comes at the end when The Raider belts in a pearler after the cameras, uh-erm, stop rolling.

Promo Video


We initially launched the video on Freebets social channels – but it didn’t take long before it was picked up by major media sites who wanted in on the action!

Parting Shot

Creating a comedy piece with the potential to go viral is exciting enough. To get ‘The Wealdstone Raider’ involved was the hat-trick goal – we even got to have a pint with the man himself – do you want some?

“Within 48 hours, the video received 6,370 shares, 44,000 likes and amassed over 2 million views.”

FreebetsThe Wealdstone Raider