The Challenge

We had worked with GNC on a previous project and they were back again – this time to work on a series of videos to raise brand awareness on a global scale. The American super-brand wanted something that would cause a bit of shock in the supplements world, and essentially make their product sexy. We felt this was a good opportunity to develop our relationship with GNC and couldn’t wait to get kick the project off.

The Solution

Whilst we are not averse to causing a stir and we are aware of the need to be very careful when creating shocking videos. We decided to play it relatively safe by creating short videos full of visual and audio innuendo. When the opening scenes play out, the viewer is led to believe something NSFW is happening, until the true reason for the pants and facial expressions are revealed.








The videos were used as social bait on GNC’s various online channels, and were picked-up by various media sites thanks to their ‘edgy’ content!

Parting Shot

If you’re in the office when you’re watching these videos, turn the volume down – otherwise you’ll have some explaining to do!

“The videos were a huge success and drove shares and likes from all across the globe.”

GNCSeductive Sports