The Challenge

Japanese automobile manufacturers, Honda wanted short promotional content for some of their products to be used in conjunction with their digital publication, Dream Magazine. The purpose of the videos was to raise awareness and promote some of their lesser-known products such as mopeds, quad-bikes, robotic lawn mowers and generators. Our assignment was to create short and sharp video content for each one.

The Solution

The solution was to create four separate videos, one for each product. This also gave Honda the licence to feature each product individually in separate editions of their quarterly magazine. To generate the most impact, we used high production values which play on the emotions of viewers and powerful motion graphics to showcase the capabilities of the machines.


All Terrain Vehicles


Robotic Lawnmowers


We distributed the video ads across Honda’s social channels in order to raise product awareness and drive non-subscribers to the feature video. The videos were also published in Honda’s digital magazine over a 12 month period.

Parting Shot

The boy that discovers Santa in the Honda Generator video, is the son of F&C Group’s CEO!

“The videos published in the digital magazine received just over a 75% completion rate, which is not bad for an online ad!”

HondaDream Magazine