The Challenge

Kidscape is a charity that works to help children that are bullied at school, or harmed at home. The company aims to protect children and help them grow up in a world free from harm, where they can be encouraged to reach their full potential. Michelle Elliott, the founder of Kidscape, had written a very successful book called Feeling Happy, Feeling Safe and Kidscape wanted F&C to bring the book to life through animation.

The Solution

Taking inspiration from the book, our creative team put together a series of scripts that would be used for the animated video. Meanwhile, our producers set about organising the voiceovers for the characters. Once everything was together, our animation team recreated the story into an incredibly visual and colourful adaptation that would appeal to children.

Feeling Happy

Feeling Safe

Getting Lost

Saying No



The videos became the centrepiece of the Kidscape website, and were promoted through the company’s social media channels. The videos were even played in UK shops that had point of sales display, and distributed around schools to encourage children to open up about their own experiences.

Parting Shot

“These three episodes are adorable. They are exactly the right length for small children, they’re colourful, they have clear messages and they’re wonderful.”  Michele Elliott, Kidscape Founder & Author of Feeling Happy, Feeling Safe

“The videos received a lot of praise from numerous quarters and the kids loved them. Care workers that help abused children said they were an extremely useful tool to help them tackle delicate subjects. ”

KidscapeFeeling Happy Feeling Safe