The Challenge

Lloyds Bank wanted to showcase some of their best work, and asked us to compile a video portfolio of key clients that would inspire other business owners to use their corporate banking services.  We were tasked to create a brand style they could apply to all their case study videos. The goal was to make the content informative and helpful in order to generate interest from corporate clients.  First up was an ambitious and very well known start-up, Brompton Bikes.

The Solution

The content needed to be slick, and fast-moving in order to keep the audience interested from the beginning to the end.  We decided to create an upbeat interview to project the enthusiasm and excitement of Brompton Bikes CEO, Will Butler-Adams.  We then sliced short, sharp edits into the video to give it a business-like feel, and a sense of ‘getting things done’. We then created various edits that would be strategically distributed across various social media channels.  

Case Study with Will Butler-Adams, Brompton Bikes

Social Edit 1 of many

Social Edit 2 of many


It was important to place the video on as many online platforms as possible, so that it would be visible to Lloyd’s corporate targets.  The main video was embedded on to Lloyd’s website, and distributed across their social channels. Emails were also sent out to existing customers and prospects with a link to the website.  The shorter social cuts were promoted via targeted ads to drive organic traffic.

Parting Shot

The client was delighted with the end product and said they had never had such high quality video content created for their online marketing before.  Coming from a client with the marketing power of Lloyds, that was quite a compliment. The videos continue to drive results.

“The videos have helped Lloyds establish a solid reputation as a corporate bank and continues to secure leads from the videos. ”

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