The Challenge

Following the success of several previous projects, we were approached by Raise Your Hands to create a new promo video.  They had planned to launch a 12-month content strategy, which was to include individual videos that showcased the charities they support – smaller charities that often get overshadowed by the UK’s leading charities.  The goal was to raise awareness of Raise Your Hands and encourage donors to take an interest in some of the UK’s lesser-known fundraisers.

The Solution

Because the content was representing a broad range of charities, we couldn’t pick up on a particular theme.  We therefore decided to develop the RYH slogan “Do Good, Feel Good” and create humorous content for the main video to brings their cause to life.  We supported this content with an explainer video, short 1-minute videos for each of the charities the fund supports, and an edit of outtakes from the hero piece.

Promo Video

Edsplainer (Because he's called Ed)

Social Cut, Instagram

Social Cut, Wide

Thank You Video

Charity Edit 1 of 10, Grief Encounters

Charity Edit 2 of 10, Create


Each video we created came with a series of social cuts, which were used across various online platforms over the course of the 12 months.  The hero piece was used to drive traffic and encourage viewers to sign up, and the one minute pieces were drip-fed to followers. We also produced an outtakes video of the hero piece, which performed extremely well on social.

Parting Shot

The video campaign attracted a lot of attention and the charities involved with RYH received more donations than they ever had before.  On the back of this success, we went on to work with some of the charities involved independently, and are helping to produce some remarkable results that enables them to break their fundraising and awareness goals!

“RYH had their most successful year ever in terms of awareness and fundraising!”

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