The Challenge

For new parents, raising a child is scary enough. Imagine how terrifying it is when your baby is choking.  The St. John Ambulance are well aware of the fear new parents experience and wanted to create a series of How-To videos to help members of the public learn first-aid for infants.  The videos needed to be clean and clear with a firm focus on key information.

The Solution

Our strategy for the content was to produce a bank of How-To videos SJA could use to help promote first aid for this campaign, but also whenever the topic is being discussed in the media.  We scripted a video that allowed a presenter to read from an autocue then added motion graphics which brought titles and the most important points to the attention of viewers.

What to do if your baby is choking

If your baby has a severe allergy

Baby recovery position


The videos primarily populated SJA’s YouTube channel and were promoted across their social media networks to raise awareness and drive traffic.  SJA continue to push out the videos at promptu moments to help spread the knowledge of first-aid.

Parting Shot

The campaign has been a tremendous success.  The videos have received tens of millions of views views on YouTube and one video received over 21 million views on Facebook overnight!  Following the success of this campaign, we have continued to work with SJA on many other projects.

“The videos have reached over 40 million people worldwide. It’s amazing to think how many lives have been impacted and potentially saved.”

St. John AmbulanceFirst Aid How-To