The Challenge

The Ministry of Defence is able to offer bright, young thinkers a wide range of vocations and were on a recruitment drive. They wanted to attract ‘first-jobbers’ and graduates straight out of university looking to make an exciting career decision. The remit for F&C was to create an aspirational video that appealed to a young audience of engineers and let the science do the talking. We needed to give the audience enough information without showing too much away, of course!

The Solution

We wanted to create a sense of drama and excitement about working for the MoD. The focus of the video was to promote an unexpected view and reveal the opportunities for a career in science. To achieve this we recorded a video with no words or descriptions, and revealed a secretive side of the MoD. The video was scored with a powerful soundtrack that evokes emotion.

Promo Video


The video campaign was aimed at young people that had studied engineering and were looking for career opportunities. We ran a targeted campaign across various social media networks with a focus on Facebook and Instagram which receives the most video views for our demographic.

Parting Shot

The video showed that moving images alone can be just as powerful as words. Because it’s now customary for social media networks to play video without sound, we decided to let the images do the talking, and used music to evoke emotion instead of words.

“The MoD received a record amount of applications for available roles.”

The Ministry of DefenceDSTL, 'Unexepcted'