The Challenge

The Professional Cricketers Association (PCA) instructed us to create a hard-hitting video to help raise funds for ex-professional cricketers that had hit hard times. The objective was to raise awareness of the charity and showcase the work they do, whilst having a significant impact on their fundraising. Our video focussed heavily on the struggles that some players have with mental health.

The Solution

Mental health can be a very sensitive subject and, in most cases, very difficult to talk about. We wanted our creative to allow the stories to come out and the viewer’s focus needed to be on the words that were being told. The audience were given an insight into the troubles that these players had face. It also allowed the PCA to give donors the comfort that their money is going to a truly worthy cause.

Promo Video

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Matt Maynard's Full Story

Brian Rose's Full Story


The video was distributed across various social media channels. We decided to utilise the personalities of the cricketers that featured in the video together with their contacts throughout the cricketing work. The video received shares by some of the world’s leading cricketers, and was featured on major media sites. It was also used at events hosted by the PCA throughout the year.

Parting Shot

By featuring ex-cricketers and legends of the game, we were able to get right to the heart of individual stories. Using our experience with interview techniques, we were able to draw honest and open answers from well-known personalities which helped to create a moving video that highlighted the incredible work the Benevolent Fund do. The video was so powerful and successful we have been asked to create another video for the charity.

“The campaign returned an ROI of over 100x and registered the PCAs most successful year on record in terms of fundraising and awareness.”

The PCABenevolent Fund