The Challenge

TrustedHousesitters helps thousands of pet owners go on holiday safe in the knowledge that their pets and homes are being looked after.  The company is not only a global community of pet-lovers, but also a multi-award winning business whose mentality always starts with asking ‘why?’  They wanted to create a series of videos that captured the essence of the brand and convince viewers to sign up to the community.

The Solution

Our vision was to demonstrate the honesty and integrity of the TrustedHousesitters team and create the sense of community that makes the business work.  We also wanted to appeal to the travel sensibilities of pet owners all over the world who are looking for a solution for the well-being of their pets whilst they are not at home.  To do that we interviewed the THS team and previous customers to reveal their stories.

Promotional Video

The Ethos of TrustedHousesitters

Pet Owner Stories

House Sitter Stories


We already knew before filming that the variety of distribution channels would impact the format of the content.  The videos were therefore customised for a range of social and digital platforms that best served the purpose of revealing the business and its goals.  The array of videos generated over 800,000 views.

Parting Shot

To give the campaign more impact we created a main video that gave viewers a good overview of the company and the service they provide.  We then created several other videos and bitesize clips that burrowed into the ethos of the company and enabled viewers the opportunity to meet the trusted house-sitters they could engage.

““The F&C production crew were tireless in terms of getting the most impactful shots, working extremely long hours to produce the most professional and eye-catching films. The videos are not only showcased on our website, but we intend to make them a core part of our social media marketing too.””

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