Video is in our DNA

At F&C Consulting, we pride ourselves on delivering great content that delivers on the desired results.


We do not just make pretty moving pictures.  We evaluate, scope, create, design and produce video content based on core fundamentals of our trusted strategy framework.

Training Workshop

The Workshop is built around relevance to your brand, business objectives and audience.  This is outlining the framework and blueprint for a video marketing strategy.

Our training workshop will teach you (and your team) how to create and deliver video content that delivers a strong ROI.  We cover in detail all the main objectives such as processes, measurement, engagement, technology and deployment.

We’ll help you master video marketing and its core campaign objectives, the initial scope and planning phase all the way through to delivering your strategy.

Video Content Strategy

Our Video Content Strategy service is delivered over three phases, which are the Video Strategy Evaluation, the Workshop and the Strategy Submission.

By working through our uniques 7-step video content strategy framework, we will deliver you a video content strategy that guarantees an increased ROI and helps you drive real results.

Once the video content strategy is delivered, we F&C can also manage the implementation and management of the strategy for a small fee per month.

Our Consulting Services

Training Workshop

£ 2,499

One Off
  • Half-day training workshop
  • Full understanding of best practice guidelines
  • Full understanding of video strategy framework
  • Full understanding of video content deployment
  • Full understanding of measurement and management
  • Techniques & Tactics Activation Plan
  • Full process review
  • Open to 8 x delegates

Video Content Strategy

£ 5,499

One Off
  • Full Video Content Strategy covering:
  • Customised ‘Bespoke’ Video Content Workshop
  • Content Marketing Analysis
  • Content Video Inventory
  • Market & Competitor Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Distribution Management
  • Bespoke Strategy Framework Plan
  • Video Content Marketing Plan

Managed Service

£ 999

Per Month
  • Quarterly On-Site Strategy Reviews
  • 2 x Additional Customised Video Content Workshops
  • Monthly Reports
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Strategy & Promotion Services

Video Content Strategy
Video Promotion
Video CMS
Video SEO

Video Technology

360 Video & Virtual Reality
Personalised Video
Live Video
Interactive Video